Sticky Songs

A very small sampling of the songs we created together.

Song Title Style Audio Vocalist Lyrics
Blown Away Pop/Country MP3 Lisa Cochran lyrics
By Surprise Pop/Country MP3 Perry Coleman lyrics
Feel The Rhythm Reggae/Calypso MP3 instrumental  
Get It Wrong
(co-written with Lair Morgan)
Pop/Country MP3 Dawn Martin lyrics
It Works Pop/Country MP3 Kim Parent lyrics
Mango Sun Reggae/Calypso MP3 Rocket lyrics
Moved On Rock/Country MP3 Dawn Martin lyrics
My Evil Twin Country/Rock MP3 Matt Dame lyrics
Traces of You Country/Ballad MP3 Wendy Jans lyrics
Tropical Dreamgirl Reggae/Calypso MP3 instrumental  
You've Lost Me Blues/Rock MP3 Susan Marshall lyrics

Honey Bowtie Music is no more, but you are welcome to contact Kate if you hear something you'd like to use for a project.