Get It Wrong

verse 1: If you had only been a little crazy
I might have felt better when I let you go
What kind of man would send me daisies
For no good reason but to say hello

A girl like me should have been head over heels
But how could I believe you were real

When you never

chorus: Put me down to pass the time
Picked a fight to hide your crime
Gave me one good reason to be movin' along
Followed all the pointless trends
Lied about me to your friends
All the things a lesser guy might do
Not you
You never could quite get it wrong
verse 2: By now you're someone else's issue
She'll have to live up to the promises she's made
But I can only look back and miss you
And figure out what made me so afraid

Now that I've had a lot of time to think it through
I don't miss the things you didn't do

'Cause you never

  (repeat chorus)
bridge: Maybe it's a case of looking back with perfect vision
Maybe that's the story of my life
I never thought I wanted to be treated like a princess
Maybe I should figure out why
I guess you were a blessing undisguised
  'Cause you never
  (repeat chorus)
tag: You never could quite get it wrong
© 2003 Morgan, O'Neill & Soltauer ·