Blown Away

verse 1: There's a quiet power in how you hold me
In the confidence you show when you approach me
When you take my hand and brush your lips over my cheek
And barely breathe the words I want to hear you speak

That's all you have to do to make me weak
chorus: I'm blown away
Like a whisper in a storm
Or a winter breeze that's warm
When the world is cold and gray
I'm blown away
By the force of your soft touch
By your giving me so much
Almost more than I can take
I'm blown away
Just blown away
verse 2: We've had our problems and I've caused my share
I've prob'ly even hurt you but it's like you don't care
When you treat me like an angel who could never be wrong
I feel a burst of love that's almost too strong

And it's all that I can do to hold on
  (repeat chorus)

Anyone can make the first kiss magic
But time makes lovers harder to impress
And maybe you don't know
It isn't easy to express
But every time you kiss me
My heart overflows

  (repeat chorus)
tag: Just blown away
© 2005-2006 O'Neill & Soltauer ·