You've Lost Me

verse 1: I've heard your story but I can't say I understand
You say you were out 'til five with your buddy Ray
But I took a drive by your house last night
I could see shadows from the bedroom light
And some stranger's car was parked right in your driveway
build (spoken): You say that was your sister? Uh huh, yeah right
chorus: Wait
Back up
Slow down
I must not have heard you right
You wanna explain it again?
Never mind - You've lost me
I don't comprehend your logic
And it ain't worth it any more
One thing always leads to another
So lead me to the door
You've lost me
verse 2: I guess you want me to be your fool but I won't
I had my doubts about you since day number one
Cut you some slack and gave you a shot
But you took for granted how lucky you got
So don't even bother explaining what you've done
build (spoken): Just what are you trying to say?
(repeat chorus)
bridge: I took a chance on the truth in your lies
But I can see you more clearly with tears in my eyes
What you're selling, I don't want
Baby, let me just be blunt
(spoken): I deserve to be cherished
(instrumental break)
(repeat until fade)
© 2003 O'Neill & Soltauer ·