By Surprise

verse 1:

It's just not rational
The way I still tremble at your touch
And how my face gets flushed
When you softly say my name
I can't predict it
You love to keep me in the dark
Maybe that's the spark
That always lights my flame


chorus: You still rock me
You still shock me
With your sweet and sexy ways
You still delight me
Still ignite me
My whole body is ablaze
No matter how many times I gaze
Into those hazel eyes
You still take me by surprise
You still take me by surprise
verse 2:

After all this time
You'd think it would subside
That I could take it all in stride
You'd think the power would fade
But years from now
I'll still be counting every blessing
I bet you'll still have me guessing
And I'll bet anything I'll say


  (repeat chorus)
bridge: So much about you has grown familiar
In the time that we've been granted
But there will always be enough mystery
To keep me this enchanted
  (repeat chorus)
tag: Oh, you still rock me
© 2003-2005 O'Neill & Soltauer ·