Moved On

verse 1: Look at you sporting a brand new suit
All dressed up in your good-guy disguise
You think you're gonna fool me
Into thinking you've changed
But I recognize that devilish glint in your eyes
chorus: Been there
Done that
The memory's still clear
Of the hollow in my heart when you left me here
You'd love me for a while and then you'd be gone
But I've been there, done that
And moved on
verse 2: You're wasting your time with all those polished-up lines
If you got somewhere else to be, honey you should just go
Took a mighty long time
But I'm over you now
You're a flame that got me burned and now I know
  (repeat chorus)
bridge: Everyone deserves a second chance at love
But one chance to hurt me was enough
  (repeat chorus)

Moved on
Honey I've moved on

© 2003 O'Neill & Soltauer ·