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Apparently, we grow bored with merely gourmet coffee

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I’m going to some shindig on Thursday featuring “microroasted artisanal coffees.” Really? “Microroasted?” I was aware of the home roasting trend (I started to call it a craze, but I think that’s overstating the case) but hadn’t run across the term “microroasted.” I’ve actually largely given up coffee (truly, you wouldn’t believe how much caffeine I’d been consuming and for how many years of my life) but this I just gotta see.

Wage does it again.

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Chris Wage is a freakin’ photography genius (even while drunk enjoying an adult beverage or two):

I LOVE that picture. It makes me feel like I’m back in that moment, in the late hours of the party with the die hard revelers still going strong, laughing it up with great friends. What a great moment.

Making this big old world seem smaller

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Rock on! One of my favorite neighbors recently moved to Shanghai but is now on Facebook. The internets have become useful again.

Grace at Blackstone’s

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Grace at Blackstone's
Grace at Blackstone’s,
originally uploaded by Kate O’.

Grace of Graceless in Love at tonight’s blogger meetup at Blackstone’s. Ain’t she cute?

All piled up

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Pyramid Achieved!!!
Pyramid Achieved!!!,
originally uploaded by GingerGE.

Ginger captured a great series of pictures of some friends forming a human pyramid at our porch-warming party, concluding with this successful pyramid.

(L-R, bottom row: Allen, Jim, Derek; middle: Karsten, Joni; top: Amy)

What’s even more hilarious to me than the pile of humans is the pile of junk visible behind them. Yes, our various renovation projects are causing us to amass quite a heap of trash on our back deck. When we finally do our major renovation, we’ll dispose of it, but until then, we just look, well, trashy I guess.

Good thing the people in the photo are so gorgeous, they distract the viewer from the trash pile. Maybe we could hire them to hold this pose until we clear the trash pile out.

Technorati lets you claim a blog, but what about claiming a blogger?

Friday, June 15th, 2007

CeeElCee and girls
CeeElCee and girls,
originally uploaded by lesley s.

Doesn’t this totally look like I’m saying “mine, all mine”? After all, we’re talking about BadBad-mf’in-Ivy and Ginger-f’in’-SNAPs here, people - I don’t know why CeeElCee wasn’t fighting me for them. He must have known he was no match for my mad girl-claiming skillz.

Come to think of it, I may have tried to fight with CeeElCee one other time last night. I don’t remember why, but I kind of remember saying that he and my inner fag could take it outside, but CeeElCee wisely deferred, admitting he’d have his ass handed to him. I really don’t want to fight CeeElCee - I adore the guy! - but I’m thinking maybe he just brings out the scrappy in me.

Party recap

Monday, October 16th, 2006

Oktoberfest looks to have been a big success for the Historic Germantown neighborhood, and our party was a blast. Thanks to everyone who came and partied with us, and my apologies to anyone I may have offended by suggesting they patronize the beer vendors while the festival was still running. We bought plenty of beer from the beer vendors ourselves. Yessir, plenty of beer. Yowch.

We probably had 80 people come through our house on Saturday. Bunches of people from the neighborhood, scads of coworkers and some former coworkers, quite a few songwriters and musicians, and some random good friends from who-knows-where. And 2 dogs. (Luckily, the cats were locked up in the office/studio/cat room for most of the day.)

We had drunk people climbing the scaffolding, but no falls. We had people from across the political spectrum, but no brawls. We had over a dozen people on our front stairs, and they didn’t collapse. All in all, a good day.

Home again!

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

And a post about our travel ordeals is on Metroblogging Nashville.

Since what I wrote there was mostly trip complaints, here are some of the trip highlights:

  • Getting to see our friend D, who was a colleague on the infamous Indy gig.
  • Getting to see J & H, who were colleagues at the (infamous?) healthcare gig but have since moved to the Minneapolis area.
  • Getting to see brandismarie91, whom I haven’t seen in something like 10 years.
  • Eating at Chatterbox pub for Friday dinner and drinks.
  • Eating at French Meadow for Saturday dinner.
  • Eating at The Egg & I for Sunday breakfast/brunch.
  • Eating at Chiang Mai Thai for Sunday dinner.
  • Exploring and eating at several places in the Global Market.
  • While D was playing a league game of soccer, Karsten and I took the light rail to IKEA, which meant passing through the Mall of America. I’d seen the mall before and knew its enormity, but Karsten, I think, was unprepared. He was stunned.
  • Going to the Minnesota Zoo.
  • Seeing a white-cheeked gibbon show off how well he was able to swing from one end of his habitat to the other. He made it look as effortless as a marathon runner crossing the street.
  • Checking out the Loft, a cool writers’ center with a nice little cafe and the most wickedly cool staircase I have ever seen — it’s designed to be reminiscent of a book, with frosted plexiglass sheets that look like pages winding around the railing all the way up. I took pictures, but I don’t have them up yet and I don’t really think they do it justice. Here’s a small one on the Loft web site.
  • Checking out Wedge, a grocery co-op.
  • Checking out various other local coffee shops and bars.
  • Petting D’s two cats, Bea & Greta.

But at this point, I’m just happy to be back home. I’m even happy to be back at work!

Chicago songwriters on the loose in Nashville!

Thursday, April 22nd, 2004

I had such a blast Tuesday night. Some songwriting friends from Chicago were in town, and we went to see a round at Caffeine that included Marc Alan Barnette, who always puts on a lively show with songs like “There’s Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level.” After the show, our friends were chatting with Marc Alan, and he invited us all to join him next door at Tin Roof for a beer.

I’ve met Marc Alan several times, but had not hung out with him — he’s a total nut, and had us all in stitches. He knew everybody in the bar, it seemed, and he introduced us to several hit writers who happened to walk by, including Don Rollins, who co-wrote “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.”

One of Marc Alan’s friends who hung out with us was Brian Haner, a phenomenal guitarist from L.A. who used to play in Frank Zappa’s band and has done session work for the likes of Paul Simon. He was a great conversationalist — I hope to hang out with him again next time he’s in town.


Sunday, November 30th, 2003

Started yesterday with a sore throat, culminated in a stuffed-up head last night, now completely miserable. Took Nyquil before bed, Dayquil when I woke up and just now again. Still feeling awful. Bleah.

But we had guests over last night, which was nice. Songwriting friends. They were very good and lively conversationalists, which seems increasingly rare.

Anyway, I guess I’ll spend the day watching movies or something, see if I can get over this bug, whatever it is, before tomorrow. No way out of work tomorrow, or for the next few weeks for that matter. 12/31 is looming menacingly on the horizon. I have some choice words for the genius who thought that would be a sensible day to launch an Alpha test of a product. Sheesh.

Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday to therealjae!

Friday, October 31st, 2003

*hugs* and *kisses* to Ms. J. I’m glad I got to see you so close to your birthday!

Halloween. Hmm. I’m wearing an orange sweater and long black skirt, but no costume to work. I didn’t think the naughty school girl look would be considered professional. ;-)

I think I dodged a bullet at work. Yesterday I was worried about losing my job, but now I’m thinking I’m safe. We’ll see. Today should prove interesting. Well, up until this afternoon. I have to attend a class at work called “Communicating and Listening.” *yawn* It’s required for all the employees in my department. As if we really have four hours to spare.

And then I’m out for the evening! Two singer-songwriter friends of ours are performing in a round tonight, dressed up as each other and playing each other’s songs. Should be amusing. And there will be me in my school girl getup and in his country-western hockey player garb. Yeah, it’ll be an interesting evening. ;-)

Hokey Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29th, 2003

Last week, our friend Lair invited us to a Halloween party. Yesterday he told us he’d canceled it and that he’d be playing a writers’ round that night, and that everyone would be in costume anyway. Good thing, too, since already got his costume together and I’d hate to see it go to waste. He’s going as a “country & western hockey player.” Hey, absurd is his middle name. Well, actually, it’s Ocelot, but it should have been Absurd.

Me, I’m going as a naughty school girl. Yeah, I know, it’s so Britney and so done, but according to my sources, these kinds of things are still shocking in Nashville and I can’t resist something with that kind of shock value.