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Yes, I’ve now seen Hall and Oates on the Daily Show. Thanks!

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Everyone who knows I’m a Hall and Oates super-fan keeps asking if I saw them on the Daily Show the other night. Never fear, I just did.

I loved it! (OK, I loved it in spite of it seeming like they could have maybe used another rehearsal of the song.) They’ve made guest appearances on other shows in the past, but they usually don’t get to interact much before they launch into whatever song they’re there to perform. It was fun to see them have a little comic setup before they played.

And “the only non-douchebag on that show”? Gold.

Mixed reaction

Monday, May 28th, 2007

It cracks me the hell up that Barbie has an RV with a hot tub. Well, it simultaneously cracks me up and weirds me out a little. Well, a lot. OK, it simultaneously weirds me the hell out and makes me a little sad. Yeah. Cracks me up, weirds me out, and makes me sad. That’s about right.

Prince is so shocking!

Monday, February 5th, 2007

I did not watch this super-bowl-thing you all keep talking about. (Is that soccer or something?)

But I have been made aware (that is to say, the CEO just popped his head in the doorway and mentioned to me) that the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince played halftime. In the rain. With an electric guitar.

I am not a physicist, nor am I a meteorologist, nor am I an electrician. But isn’t there some electrical shock hazard here? Or is that not a very rock’n'roll thing to be worried about and I am therefore being a big ol’ sissy?

Help settle my mind, people.

PS: Brittney, does this, in your esteemed estimation, count as blogging about the Super Bowl?

Celebrity sightings: What famous people have you seen?

Tuesday, December 28th, 2004

Went out to Noshville for lunch with coworkers J & K and my Boss. Much talk of the celebrities they’ve spotted there in previous visits; my hopes were up for at least a minor sighting. But no. I must be the celebrity anti-magnet or something.

In Chicago, I saw Studs Terkel in the Treasure Island grocery store, and I used to see Dennis Rodman at various nightclubs on a near-weekly basis.

In San Jose and the Bay Area in general, I never spotted anyone famous.

In all my visits to L.A. during the time I lived in San Jose (I used to go there as often as every few weeks), I never spotted anyone famous.

In Portland, I never saw anyone famous. (Karsten did: he was out with at some trendy bar and she spotted Courtney Taylor from the Dandy Warhols at the next table.)

In my year and a half in Nashville, I’ve seen John Hiatt picking up his luggage at the airport, Johnny Knoxville at Baja Fresh, and John Rich at On The Rocks. But that’s all.

What about the rest of you? What famous people have you randomly spotted out of context, just sipping coffee somewhere or buying dog food?