Bear with me while I enjoy how far we’ve come

I just uploaded a picture to Flickr that I took of the front of the house during the brief snowfall we had on New Year’s Day. While I was tagging it, I went back looking through old pictures of the front of the house and was absorbing just how much work has gone into it. I made a comment on the picture with this string of pictures, but wanted to share it here too:

Front view of Germantown house

Front of house

Scaffolding in front of house

Demolition has begun!

Five or six days later, front porch is a pile of rubble, 3/23/2007

Front wall below doorway during repair by great masonry crew

Front porch and stairway in development

Porch and door

And the current pic is this:

Magic hour... and snow!

I’m so tickled. I love this house. I consider myself incredibly lucky to live here.

6 Responses to “Bear with me while I enjoy how far we’ve come”

    6 Responses to “Bear with me while I enjoy how far we’ve come”

    1. Avatarvito excalibur

      charming! Congratulations!

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    2. AvatarMister Nashville

      Beautiful change! I know that people usually restore/renovate for personal pleasure, but the fact that you kept an old house from dilapidating like many folks in Nashville is fantastic. :)

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    3. AvatarSheila

      Wow! We love living near your house and we’ve really loved watching it evolve. It’s not just the house though, we love having your guys as neighbors too!

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    4. Avatarhuashan

      You two give me hope for all the work I want to do on my place. You’ve done a fantastic job!

      And I just love that picture of all the brickwork being gone from in under the front door. That’s excellent.

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    5. AvatarStar Straf

      Wow - I love seeing the improvements in fast motion - looks great

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    6. AvatarLightningRose

      I’m sorry I’m so late in commenting.

      You and Karsten have created a very warm and welcoming entry way. It’s a very lovely home.

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