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And the winner is…

Monday, February 28th, 2005

, who edged me out in a tidy Oscar betting win! Actually, I think she and I may have guessed an equal number correctly, but she got the big, high-profile ones right, which should count for more. :-)

I loved that Jamie Foxx won; I think Scorsese was robbed — although I hold that opinion not on directorial accomplishment for the specified film, but the director award is, as stated last night, so often a nod to lifetime achievement; I thought the speeches were mostly charming. It was a good Oscars.

Smoke and the arbitrariness of story

Sunday, February 27th, 2005

Just finished watching the movie Smoke. And I have a serious Three Buck Chuck buzz going on. So let’s just see if I’m able to write what I’m thinking I want to say, shall we? :-)
The message is, storytelling is arbitrary. There are millions and millions and millions of stories, and they all run into one another and overlap, and you get to decide where to start and where to stop telling the story. It reminds me of something I always associate with having said on The List a while back (but, vito, if you feel like revealing your source, I’d be intrigued) about how the difference between comedy and tragedy is where you stop telling the story. I love that.

Anyway, it’s a good writer’s movie. Or artist’s movie. I love the concept piece they show Harvey Keitel’s character having worked on for years: taking photos for five minutes at 8:00 AM every morning from the same location. I would love to see a collection of those photos.

I wish I could say more, but the buzz is making me want to get up and dance around the apartment, and I must obey the buzz. :-)

The A to Z of De-stressing

Thursday, February 24th, 2005’s Feb. 24th issue has a good article on the “A To Z Of De-stressing” that includes a slide show, where A is for Acupuncture, B is for Booze, C is for Chamomile Tea, and so on.

If I were to rework it for me, it would be something like:
A is for Acting silly, B is for Breathing slowly and deeply, C is for Cats,
D is for Deep conversations, E is for Exercise, F is for Fussing with my hair, makeup, or wardrobe,
G is for Giggling, H is for Humor, I is for Internet, J is for Joking around,
K is for Karsten, L is for Listening to music, M is for Movies,
N is for Noodling on the guitar, O is for Ocean breezes, P is for Pilates,
Q is for Quicken (seriously: feeling in-control of my finances relaxes me), R is for Running, S is for Sex,
T is for Thrift shopping (one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon),
U is for Urban hiking (another one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon), V is for Vacation,
W is for Writing songs, X is for eXploring a new place (thanks for the “eX” idea, Forbes!),
Y is for Yoga, Z is for Zoo (another one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon).

What are your tried and true methods for de-stressing, abecedarian or otherwise?

Another great Southernism

Monday, February 14th, 2005

“I appreciate ya.” Or, as it actually sounds when pronounced by a Southerner, “Preciat’cha.”

Why say “thank you” when you can sound so quaint and folksy instead?

Checking in on my 2005 Resolutions/Goals/whatever

Tuesday, February 1st, 2005

Doesn’t matter what they’re called, but they’re what I’m hoping to accomplish this year. The original post is here.

How am I doing on the “pillars”?

Improve my nutrition. I’m OK here, but I could be better. I’ve been eating more salads, for example, but I’ve also been eating more chocolate than I should.

Improve my fitness. Mixed bag. It’s been a rough few weeks, energy-wise, and I’ve skipped quite a few morning workouts. But the good news is I’m running again! Only a few miles here and there, and I’m still fighting back the hip injury, but there’s progress.

Improve my finances. Still looking for that perfect house.

Improve and advance my songwriting. Some progress here already, but getting more focus would help. The problem is, work is threatening to rise up and kick my butt, and I don’t want to commit to the whole “15 songs this month” thing if I’m also going to have to be putting crazy hours in doing draining work. Maybe I can commit to something like 5 songs this month, though.

How’m I doing on the tasks/projects to accomplish?

Pitch at least one song to at least one publisher/producer/songplugger. This is done, so this goal really was too easy. I’ll change it to:
Pitch at least five songs (including at least one demo completed in 2005) to at least one publisher/producer/songplugger.

Research viability of opening a pizzeria/restaurant with . I got some books out from the library, but I haven’t cracked them yet.

Bulk up my “scrap-files.” I did write one lengthy essay-type thing in response to that “high school” meme, and I’m thinking about what else I want to write.

Visit my parents for short trips every few weeks or months. Nothing yet.

How’m I doing on the behaviors to change?

Spend less time on personal email and LiveJournal. I’m definitely cutting the time I spend on these at work, but I’m still spending too much time on them at home.

Use LiveJournal for more productive purposes. Following on the above comment, I am at least being more productive with my time on LJ. The discussions I tend to contribute to now are usually ones that get me writing in-depth comments, and I’ve been copying those comments into private entries in my journal and categorizing them in my memories. They may come in handy for the scrap-files.

Listen and pay attention for song ideas. Still not doing this as much as I need to. Must get better at this.

Load and unload the dishwasher more often. I’ve been doing this! Karsten doesn’t want me to take it over completely because he says he feels like I do too much. But I’ve been doing it about half the time or more.