Oh! Almost forgot.

My coworker called after he left the office to tell me that one of the units in the duplex across the street from his house is going to be available for rent soon. For less than what we pay now. In a very cool part of town.

My fingers are crossed, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

8 Responses to “65”

    8 Responses to “65”

    1. Avatardavid_the_great

      Good luck! Sorry I missed you tonight… we’ll have to try another LJ meetup soon!

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    2. Avatartherealjae

      Oh, very very cool. What does it depend on?


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    3. Avatarkateo

      Well, I’m not sure. We know so little about the house and the situation, any number of things could be wrong with the arrangement. But if it’s a decent living space, and if the landlord is an OK human being, then I guess it comes down to getting our application in before anyone else, or being the best candidates if we’re not the first. And of couse we are the best. :-) But we’ll have to see if we can prove it. ;-)

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    4. Avatarviolent_solace

      What’s a cool part of town?

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    5. Avatarseasons

      I’m moving into a duplex in a “cool” part of town! Maybe it’s the other side of mine, because I know it’s for rent? Probably not because that would be too weird. It’s 3 bedrooms, and rents for a little over $1000 I think. I am getting the “in-law” apartment next to it.

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    6. Avatarprizmdonna

      Yay! I hope it’s wonderful and that you get it quickly. :-)
      - donna

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    7. Avatarkateo

      The Belmont-Hillsboro neighborhood.

      Of course, whether or not it is very cool is definitely a matter of opinion, but I love that area.

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    8. Avatarviolent_solace

      I don’t even remember where Hillsboro is.

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