I rock!

Just got back from meeting with the department that is publishing their content during the pre-Alpha ramp-up period, i.e., now. It was terrifying starting out because all they wanted to tell me was how painful a process it had been for them so far and why none of my tools I’d designed to help them were working.

I walked them through what they could do differently, showed them the publishing and site administration features of the new portal, and I dare say by the time I walked out of there, they were looking forward to getting back to their content migration.

I so totally rock.

One Response to “I rock!”

    One Response to “I rock!”

    1. Avatarjb98

      Go you! I think it’s awesome that you transformed their perception in the space of one meeting. That speaks volumes about your creativity and communication skills.

      I think it takes talent to get into someone’s world and get their interest and attention, especially when they are starting out with a negative opinion toward the topic. You do indeed Rock! Can’t say I’m surprised tho :)

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